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Our individual journey to a balanced and fulfilled life is ever evolving. My personal path has guided me to a career in yoga and wellness that I am wildly passionate about and extremely grateful for. As I continue to grow and realize my own dreams, it is with absolute pleasure that I am able to share my knowledge with others and support their journey to fulfillment.

Holistic Nurition

Together let’s develop a healthy and realistic plan to successfully achieve your nutrition goals.


Hatha, Vinyasa and Beginner level classes are available at public studios, online or at your home studio.

Honestly Gooood Catering

100% plant-based treats prepared with decadent superfoods and handmade with love.


Keep up to date with my published yoga and wellness articles, recipe features, and latest blog posts on social media.

Meet Jenny

Jenny discovered her passion for nutrition over a decade ago while living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was where she was first exposed to an abundance of fresh, exotic superfoods. Jenny went on to co-own a juice café in Playa del Carmen and truly began to learn the health benefits of natural, whole foods.

In 2010, Jenny returned to Toronto eager to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Through the nutrition curriculum she began to realize the many holistic health benefits of yoga. She successfully completed yoga teacher training to graduate simultaneously with her nutrition studies.

Jenny currently teaches weekly classes at local yoga studios, private residences and special events. As an active member of the wellness community Jenny volunteers at the Toronto Vegetarian Association and teaches complimentary “Sunday Morning Yoga” classes at Lululemon Briar Hill.

Several of Jenny’s nutrition articles and recipes have been published in magazines including Muscle Memory magazine, Sweat RX, Healthy Directions, Tonic Magazine and the book by best-selling author Robert Cheeke, Shred It!

I know it is cliché to say, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ But it’s true!

 I close each yoga class with a silent moment for gratitude; my career is always on the list.

My heart is full when I see the blissful yoga glow on the face of a student who has just nailed a pose they have been striving for; or the brightness in a client’s eyes after we have balanced their diet and lifestyle routine.

Through my own past struggles with vegetarian diets, sugar addiction, weight management, low energy and overall just not feeling my best, I can relate to the daily challenges that may be preventing you from reaching your wellness goals.

My approach to nutrition and health is to keep it simple!

I strongly encourage a diet of natural, whole foods that provide energy to support a strong and healthy body.

Are you ready to meet your best self?! Allow me to make the introduction!

– Jenny

Salads eaten
Green teas consumed
Hugs given
Moments of gratitude