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Jenny’s Kombucha Recipe

Kombucha is becoming hugely popular and for good reason, this tangy tea is a rich source of live probiotic cultures, enzymes and acids that help keep the gut in balance. Interested in brewing your own?? Follow my easy recipe!   WHAT YOU NEED:   3-3 ½ L of filtered water (the chlorine in tap water […]

Sweat RX Magazine – Just Breathe by Jenny Nicol

How Meditation can Improve your Quality of Life Studies have shown as little as 10 minutes of Meditation 4-7 times per week can significantly increase mental strength, emotional intelligence and improve heart rate whilst helping to prevent emotional eating and depression.  

Muscle Memory Magazine – Prana Fitness by Jenny Nicol

7 Simple Yoga Poses to Stretch and Restore Balance to the Spine This rejuvenating sequence uses yoga blocks to create dynamic variations of poses which focus on the support of a strong, tall and limber spine. Model: Bee Bosnak