Before I started with Jenny, healthy nutrition was overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. She provided a wealth of knowledge and a plan that I could follow. Most of all, she cared and ensured my success. Because of her dedication, I now look at food differently and feel better about myself.

I highly recommend Jenny if you truly want to make a positive change for your well being that will last a lifetime.

– Carlos Vargas, Head Trader – Global MaxFin Capital

Jenny makes nutrition easy. Even as someone who lives in the health and wellness world, the amount of information out there when it comes to food is daunting!

Jenny is amazing at sifting through it all. She tells you exactly what you need to know, how to get it, and adapts it to your lifestyle.

She’s a nutrition magician!!

– Jelayna Da Silva, Yoga Instructor

Jenny’s skill and passion shine through her teaching. Not only is her deep knowledge of the body clear in her flows and instruction – her approach to yoga is also holistic, with an equal focus on strength of the body and mind, and also a perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Jenny motivates me to continuously challenge myself. Her classes weave through both the subtle and rigorous, which always leaves me with a replenishing energy to carry out into my day!

– Ruth Elnekave, Holistic Nutritionist & Chef

After going to one of Jenny’s yoga classes almost 4 years ago, I’ve been following her ever since.

Her beautiful energy and wide knowledge of health and nutrition that she brings to the studio are sincerely appreciated. Her classes are physically challenging with a perfect balance of calmness and spirituality. I find myself being able to push through my limitations and deepen my practice.

I feel blessed to have found Jenny. Thanks to her I’ve gained a lot more confidence and strength to push through challenges on the mat and my personal life.

– Marcela Olivares, Clinical Esthetician 

Jenny really works with you to find the best nutritional plan for your body. She has helped me increase my energy, absorb the proper nutrients and think differently about the things I am eating.

If you’re looking to be the best version of yourself, Jenny is the one you should talk to!

– Rachel Stark, Business Professional

Jenny is a powerhouse of love and light. I have come to know Jenny well through a regular 6 am yoga practice at Yoga Tree Studios. Her practice is a magical mix of music, movement, and meditation that continues to inspire expansion in all aspects of my being.

I trust her, I believe in her, and I am forever grateful for the positive force that Jenny Nicol radiates in all that she does.

– Justin Roy, Artist